And the second beer is….

A look in our Christmas beers stock revealed another beer in The Beer Bible, one of my favourite beers, Hobgoblin, brewed by Wychwood Brewery. The Bible, whoops The Beer Bible, mentions Wychwood’s reputation for “quirky and imaginative packaging”, as illustrated by the can and glass in the photo.

Beer No.2 - Hobgoblin

Earlier this year we visited the York Real Ale Festival and I came across this Hobgoblin poster which I thought encapsulated what real ale is all about


Meanwhile, not only may I have The Temperance Movement on my case, but I also have the Spelling Police, aka Tara, after me, as I referred to my previous blog on Facebook as my latest Tail from the Ale Trail, rather than Tale from the Ale Trail

Anyway that’s the end of this T-A-L-E from the Ale Trail, it’s up to Scotland tomorrow for a few days, so I’m sure there will be more to come…

But for now, Cheers!

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