Found: One Lincoln imp, slightly worn. Contact Cathedral to claim.

An exciting visit to Lincoln Cathedral a couple of weeks ago, where we discovered the Lincoln Imp hiding in the arches.  Legend has it there were two imps and one was turned to stone by an angel as a lesson, with the other allowed to escape.  I wonder if he ever comes to visit his friend?

The stained glass rose windows were stunning, as were the numerous stained glass windows depicting bibical scenes.  The south side of the Cathedral has the ‘Bishop’s Eye’ rose window which represents the letting in of light or God’s Grace.  The north side is the “Dean’s Eye’ rose window which represents the shutting out of darkness or the Devil.  The stained glass windows represent a variety of styles and painting methods.  It would be interesting if they had a pamphlet that provided the history and techniques behind the windows but we didn’t see anything like this in our visit.

What was in the Cathedral was possibly some hidden treasure!  When son Sean was investigating he found a paving stone which rocked back and forth in the floor of the Cathedral.  I am convinced there has to be some treasure hidden at Lincoln.  Tony and Sean disagreed but when I went looking on the internet I found some articles claiming there might be some treasure hidden by the Knights Templar.  Somebody may have been reading too much Dan Brown but it is fun to consider the possibility!

We really recommend a visit to the Cathedral.  The history, architecture and the sheer beauty of the buidling make it well worth an afternoon.












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