Coincidence or what?

Every now and again some things happen that appear to be just coincidence, but set you thinking that there may just be a greater power out there. Don’t worry, I’ve not found God and I’m not getting all philosophical, but just check out this series of coincidences and see what you think….

As you’ve hopefully gathered by now this is a blog run by two of us, me, Tony, the Englishman and Tara, the American lady. I was going to say my partner, but that makes us sound like a business along the lines of Ben & Jerry, Tony & Tara, not sure what we’d specialise in! I was going to say girlfriend, but as we’re both over 40, one a tad more over than the other!, girlfriend doesn’t seem quite right.

Anyway back to these coincidences:


We’ve known each other just over a month, and she’s introduced me to all sorts of American stuff, including Grits! I’ll let Tara explain in more detail, suffice to say it’s a dish served, mainly for breakfast, with a well dodgy consistency, but which tastes very nice.


I live in a small town in Lincolnshire called Gainsborough. Tara however keeps referring to it as Gainesville, which she tells me is a city in Georgia.


Talking of Georgia, that’s where Tara is at the moment, having flown back home for a week.

So that’s all the background, needless to say, but don’t tell anybody as I’m supposed to be a repressed Englishman, but I’m missing Tara quite a bit, and was thinking about her this morning, as I logged on to my pc to check my facebook updates. Imagine my surprise when I saw a post from a singer called Callaghan, who I follow, entitled How do you like your Grits in the morning?

I followed the link and Callaghan‘s blog is called Brits and Grits!

I then read the post and her first experience of Grits was in, you’ve guessed it, Gainesville!

And where is Callaghan based now, having originated in my home county of Lincolnshire? Yep, Georgia

So is it coincidence, is it me looking for connections or is it a sign that me & Tara are meant to be, or am I just a soppy old romantic?

Whilst I’m talking about Callaghan, check out this from a house concert:

If you head on over to her website,, you’ll get a free download of her song Best Year, which was one of my favourite songs of last year. In fact I did a post about Callaghan on my other blog, myrockdatediary

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