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Yes, it’s been too long since we last posted on this blog, mind you we have had quite a lot going on just recently! Since our last post back in August 2013, I’ve moved from Gainsborough, England to Columbus, Georgia. We got married just over a year ago (January 13th, and No I didn’t forget!!!!), then we had the celebration in April (more on that later!). Tara got offered a great opportunity to work in Cincinnati,Ohio, so in August we temporarily moved into an apartment in Cincinnati. Devon joined us for a couple of weeks to help us with house hunting. At the start of September, Thomas came across to join us.  Both Sean and Thomas started studying at Cincinnati State. At the end of September, we moved into our new home in Morrow, Ohio . Then it was Thanksgiving, with the invasion of the Dilda & Smith clans and then it was Christmas. So, quite a hectic 2014!

Who would have thought that when we started this blog back in …. and called it “andTisfor Travel, Tomorrow, Tony & Tara“, that we would end up going To Morrow. I’ve being dying to type that! Every now and again, I’ll try and get the phrase “I’m going to Morrow tomorrow” into a sentence. Little things ….! Funnily enough back in 1898, a guy called Lew Sully wrote a song entitled “I want to go to Morrow“, and even better, The Muppets performed it on one of their TV shows, back in 1976.

While I’m on about Morrow, it’s in a township called Salem! How cool is that? I feel a horror story coming up!

And, get this, we’re a few miles away from a small town called Kings Mills, which is located on an area of land that was, back in 1820, originally called Gainsboro! And where did I live in England? Gainsborough! Coincidence, I think not!!!!

Anyway enough of the history and geography lessons, this is just a short post to say that we’re back, so no doubt you’ll be seeing more links to these posts on your Facebook & Twitter feeds, or any other social network we might try.

Oh, and there may be a few posts relating to gardening as Tara has been ordering Trees, Bushes, Flowers and Seeds, Seeds and even more Seeds! This could well turn out to be the American version of The Good Life!

The Good Life









Please note that bloke has a spade in his hands, while his wife is sat down. Just saying!

But before we get onto the gardening, one thing we need to do, now things have quietened down is put some wedding photos up on our wedding blog and get some Thank You cards sent out. No we haven’t forgotten!

Talking of photos, I’ll finish with this shot I took this morning of two of the many birds flocking to our garden now that the words out amongst the Morrow bird community that Tara’s a soft touch when it comes to refilling the bird-feeder!

IMG_2073 (1)




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