Andtisfor cross the English Channel

So it’s Sunday morning and we’re in Bruges, on our first full day of our vacation. We arrived here late yesterday morning, after taking the Eurostar from London to Lille and then driving from Lille to Bruges.

The journey from Lille to Bruges was pretty uneventful, although we did have a little trouble locating the car rental offices, we now know have in depth knowledge of Lille railway station and its immediate surrounding areas!

Driving through Bruges proved to be quite a challenge with narrow streets, a weird one way system and cyclists and pedestrians seeming to have right of way! The highlight of the drive through Bruges was Tara’s bout of road rage at the, and I quote, bitch tailgating her through the city. She proceeded to tell her to go forth and multiply, that’s not what she really said, but I’m sure you get the picture (this may be read by kids you know?)

Anyway after checking into our hotel and parking the car we took a walk into Bruges. As it had been a good few hours since our breakfast on the Eurostar, food was the order of the day. One thing was certain we wouldn’t go hungry in Bruges, there were loads of restaurants to choose from.We ended up a restaurant called Brasserie Raymond, which turned out to be an inspired choice, all three courses were amazing, but the Shrimp Croquettes were out of this world!

After the drive and the hearty meal we were well ready for an afternoon nap, following which we headed back into town for a beer or two. The first bar we went in was named Cambrinus, who apparently is the patron saint of beer!

We then had a walk along one of the many canals in Bruges, prior to returning to the hotel. A word or two about the hotel, the Hotel Biskajer. Firstly we’d highly recommend it, the owners were very friendly and welcoming, the rooms clean and spacious and the breakfasts delicious, something I never thought I’d say about a continental breakfast!

The other thing about the hotel was that it was situated just twenty yards from the Chocolate Museum, coincidence I think not, but you decide, Tara books the hotel, Tara loves chocolate, need I say more?



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