And T is for Three months since our last post!

I can’t believe it’s over three months since we last posted on here, but we have done a lot in those three months, so we have got a good excuse!

I’ve now been in Columbus, GA, over fifty days and in addition to spending a lot of time (and money!) on getting the house back into shape, we’ve had quite a few excursions, gigs and road trips, so as things start to settle down we’ll be posting on a more regular basis.

Our most recent outing was to Callaway Gardens last Sunday, August 18. We took Tara‘s son Sean, and her two nieces Tori and CC. After a brief visit to the Discovery Centre, we took a walk to The Butterfly Centre. On route, Tori took on the role of cameraman(girl) for the day, here’s my favourite of the photos she took during the walk










Once we got to The Butterfly Centre, Tori was in her element, taking loads of photos, but never capturing a shot of a couple of elusive blue butterflies, which I’m sure were deliberately teasing CC and Tori as they tried to catch them. Tori did manage to take these:


So with Tori using the camera, yours truly had to use my iphone, and here’s my favourite:










And here’s one of Tori taking one of hers:










We then headed back to the Discovery Centre, via the Pioneer Log Cabinwhich was manned by two lovely lady volunteers. As we were heading back we had to walk over a bridge to cross part of the lake. And we all know what a bridge over water means, Pooh Sticks! So we all grabbed a stick, dropped it over one side of the bridge and waited for the stick to appear on the other side, and waited and waited, but alas they didn’t reappear, but Tori and CC spotted a baby turtle:










We finished the day with a visit to Country Kitchen









where we had some good old Southern food, including for me Country Fried Steak and Fried Green Tomatoes, but the highlight was an awesome Key Lime Pie with Muscadine Ice Cream. No I had no idea what a Muscadine was either! Well they’re a type of grape native to the American South. Having found that out, it seemed appropriate, in the interests of research, to buy some Muscadine Wine. I’m not sure what the reason was for buying the  Blueberry Wine, oh I remember, I love Blueberries!

So a good time was had by all, and here’s a few more photos from the day:




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