An American in English

This is the American (allegedly the one who uses the improper English) and I think we can all guess what I heard when Tony called me a Faddy.  Yes, I too was horrified.  Sadly it took us until 2 hours later to figure out the miscommunication but we eventually did.  I would refrain from sharing another story where I told someone to kiss my fa***, but the look on their face was priceless and I couldn’t figure out what I had done.  To make it worse it was a female. This does mean something completely different in the US, I can assure you.

We, the proper one and I, have undoubtedly had other miscommunications that we are too polite to question.  So I leave you with another Americanism…Tony is just lucky I didn’t have a hissy fit at being called a Faddy 🙂

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