Tony was writing about coincidences and what to call our relationship.  It made me think of another terminology difference between the US and the UK.  In the US the word partner is typically used only by gay couples. WhenI first moved to the UK and people were talking about their patners, I assumed they were gay.  You can imagine my confusion as they would then discuss their partners in a way that made it clear they were the opposite gender.  Fortunately a friend cleared it up fairly quickly, before I made any strange comments.  So, no Tony, I am not your partner… And I agree, girlfriend/boyfriend seems a little strange after 40 (in my case not much after 40, of course!).  I have been saying ‘the guy I am dating’ but that is stiff and longwinded.  Perhaps we need to invent a new term?

Tony could be my manfriend? My giad (guy i am dating)? Hmmm…think I will have to stick with boyfriend which actually feels pretty good to say 🙂

As Tony mentioned I am in the US for a week.  Catching up on a haircut (why can’t they cut layers in England?) and going shopping for clothes and shoes because they are MUCH cheaper over here.  And missing my boyfriend.  But enjoying seeing family and friends.  My life is incredibly good right now, which causes me to think about and experience gratitude daily.  So I have a gift, for Tony, and for those reading this blog.


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