Lost in Translation

So there’s two of us contributing to this blog, I’m Tony and I’m English, then there’s Tara, and she’s American.

You’d think that as we speak the same language, English, that there would be no confusion in everyday conversation, Wrong!

We’ve known each other about a month ago, and up until Saturday, nothing had been “Lost in Translation“. I won’t say anymore, I’ll leave that to Tara!

Ok, I’ll just say one thing, the definition of Faddy is:

“having many arbitrary and often unusual likes and dislikes about food”

So there’s an example of a commonly used English word, that appears not to be as well known by Americans (well the one that I know, anyway!).

To counter this, Tara came out with a cool phrase on Sunday evening, which I’d never heard before:

He’s full of piss and vinegar

I love that!

Anyway, I thought it would be neat to keep a record of these differences between the Queen’s English (proper English!) and American English

So if you come up with any words or phrases that get “Lost in Translation”, enter them as a comment and we’ll record them on a separate page.

Right I’ll stop there, I’m sure Tara may have a word or two about this subject….

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