Another fine mess!

So, this last weekend we took Tara‘s mother Beth and Beth’s sister Molly for a short break in the Lake District during their stay in the UK. Molly had just found out that her daughter Audra was expecting triplets, so everyone was in a good mood for the weekend, and what a weekend it turned out to be!

The fun started with a stop en route at the Anchor Inn , near Gargrave. Three out of four of the meals were okay, but the heathen amongst us, Tara the vegetarian, did not get such a good meal. First of all they confused her order of veggie chilli and jacket potato, with a proper chilli. So having sent it back, we discovered that there was a potato shortage in Yorkshire as they had no more potatoes left! So Tara had her veggie chilli with chips (yes I know chips are made from potatoes, but these must have been prepared before the potato famine). For you American readers, chips are french fries!

After our meal we made good speed to our accommodation for the weekend, Granary Cottage, which was situated just outside the picturesque village of Ayside.

After a hearty breakfast, courtesy of Tara, we headed out to Ulverston, home of Stan Laurel,to the Laurel and Hardy MuseumWhile we were there we were shown one of their short films, in a small room holding about 30 people. If I remember rightly the film was called Two Tars, I’m not sure who laughed loudest me or Beth!

While we were at the museum, we found out that Oliver Hardy was born in Georgia, coincidence or what?

Anyway, here’s a photo of Stan and Ollie, with Beth and Molly


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