A Christmas Weekend in October

Tony has a wonderful tradition he started when his children were young. Each October he makes Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding and homemade Mincemeat. All need to sit for a couple of months before eating and he feeds the pudding and cake with brandy daily. By the time Christmas gets here, everything is ready (and each serving must contain at least a shot of brandy so your holiday becomes much rosier). This week-end is going to be Christmas in October for the two of us as we are going to try to cook together for the first time.  This may be a make or break as we both tend to be just a little controlling when we are cooking!


  • He informs me that it is ‘the Law’ that you have to listen to Christmas music while baking. One assumes this must impact the taste of the final treats.
  • He uses Delia’s recipes for all of these items (available on her website) and swears by how good they taste, having told me I am not allowed to change the recipes because apparently I am notorious for not following recipes.
  • The nutmeg and the cinnamon must be freshly ground
  • And I feel quite sure a few more will be revealed this weekend 🙂

I am actually excited about spending our weekend getting ready for the Holidays, not least because Sean is coming over to spend them with us and will be here for 7 weeks! So, without further ado…a sideways picture of my kitchen counter (please note the large bottle of a very nice brandy!).  All of this, except for the pears and the pitta bread, to make our Christmas treats.  We will let you know how it all turns out – assuming we are still talking to each other.


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