What’ll Ya Have…What’ll Ya Have…

Following our last post about the Grits, I thought I’d carry on the Georgia theme. During the last week of our vacation Tara took us to The Varsity in Atlanta, the world’s largest drive-in!

Although I was impressed by it’s size, the most memorable thing about The Varsity was the chorus of What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have? when we walked through the doors and the look of shock on Devon’s face as we encountered the choir behind the counter.

Apparently the full verse is:

“What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have? Have your order in your mind and your money in your hand!” 

As well as enjoying the food, I now know how to Talk the Talk!

Hot Dog and Strings – Hot Dog with chili & mustard and French fries

Steak and Ring One – Hamburger with ketchup, mustard & pickle and an order of onion rings

P.C – Chocolate milk with ice ???? Can someone explain that to me?

Joe-ree – Coffee with cream – And I don’t get that one either!!!


Despite all this talk of food, I’ll finish by telling you that my favourite new American word is…..POOT!!!





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