Tips for the Female Festival Virgin

This is Tara, fresh from my first Festival (which was amazing)

  • Take dry shampoo.  Lines for the shower will be a couple of hours and they are rat nasty.
  • ALWAYS take toilet paper with you.  ALWAYS. And just accept that the toilets will also be rat nasty and try to touch as few surfaces as you can. Antibacterial hand gel can only kill so much.
  • Disable your boyfriend’s/partner’s/husband’s camera. No one needs evidence of what they look like with no make up after several days of camping so make sure you have the only functioning camera.
  • Realize that your boyfriend/partner/husband will be UNABLE to tear themselves away from the bands even if the temperatures are sub arctic…so layer up
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, raincoat, wellies, sandals…bring them all.  You just never know.
  • If your boyfriend/partner/husband tells you that no one brings air mattresses, chairs and umbrellas…recognize that he may be lying either because he thinks they are un cool or doesn’t want to carry.  Alternatively he may think he is telling the truth and just be genuinely un observant (imagine that, an unobservant man?).  Bring them ALL!
  • Bring snacks, you will get the munchies after a few beers and several hours in the sun.  And when your boyfriend/partner/husband illegally smuggles in beer or glass bottles of alcohol, just go in the other lane so you can pretend you don’t know them if they get caught.
  • Most importantly, the music will be incredible, the time with your boyfriend/partner/husband really fun, and you will want to go back and do it again (only with more layers and a better airbed).

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