Civil Wars on Sunday!

Only three more days until we see The Civil Wars at Leeds Metropolitan University.






I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing The Civil Wars, their album Barton Hollow was one of my favourite albums of last year.

And their free download of a one of their first gigs from Eddie’s Attic is one of my favourite live albums.



Tara’s fallen for them in a big way too, with Dance me to the End of Love being her favourite, so here’s The Civil Wars performing that very song:




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  1. Tara

    Tony changed the website so I am not an administrator yet of this one. Posting our civil wars experience as a comment:
    Just back from watching The Civil Wars and they were magical together, singing and playing with humor and a genuine love for the music they were creating. Joy Williams was fascinating to watch as she danced to the music. Tony remarked that her style made him think of Stevie Nicks. She had a baby bump
    with a due date of July yet looked very graceful swaying on stage. John Paul plays the straight man for her, with obvious affection.

    The mixture of ages that attended speaks to the universal appeal of The Civil Wars. From the group of 20 year old girls in front of us, to the 60 something couple to the right. Everyone here to see the grammy award winning duo. We feel lucky as we bought our tickets before they won the Grammy. The venue, Leeds Met, is completely full for the sold out show and we were third row back, thanks to Tony getting us here an hour before the doors opened! He claims he didn’t realise the 7:30 time on the ticket was the door time, not
    The start time but knowing how he likes to be early I remain suspicious!

    The show started with a memorable performance by Matthew and the Atlas. A new group for us and much of the crowd. The lead singer (presumably Matthew!) has an incredible voice, reminiscent of Trace Adkins or Wade Hayes. He plays the guitar and is accompanied by a violinist and a banjo player, making for some great sound!

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